Brightseed launches upcycled functional gut health fiber


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  • Brightseed, a five-year-old startup that uses artificial intelligence to find molecules in plants that could have the biggest health and nutrition benefits in humans, is launching its first ingredient for the food and beverage industry, the company said in a statement.
  • Brightseed的人工智能平台Forager发现了由大麻船体制成的饮食纤维,旨在支持肠道健康。生物活性成分(称为Brightse Bio 01)将首先用于与豌豆蛋白巨型Puris共同开发的蛋白质清脆。
  • 快速增长的明亮人种筹集了6800万美元5月,与诸如公司的公司合作Danone, Ocean Spray andOfito get a deeper understanding of plants and their health benefits to drive future product innovation.



It’s a big reason why a handful of well-known CPGs have partnered with the young San Francisco-based company during the last few years to get a deeper understanding of plants and their health benefits to drive future product innovation. They are no doubt hoping that Brightseed will uncover more promising offerings from its portfolio of bioactives discovered by Forager.

“More than ever, people are turning to the food and beverage industry for proactive and personalized health solutions,” Sofia Elizondo, co-founder and COO, said in a statement. “Brightseed Bio 01 is the latest demonstration of how Forager A.I. is furthering our understanding of how bioactives found in nature are powerful catalysts to improve human healthspan.”

Bioactives are small molecule compounds produced by plants, fungi and microbes. According to Brightseed, active ingredients derived from bioactive compounds include caffeine in tea, the antioxidant lycopene in tomatoes and curcumin in turmeric. In addition, they are the source of the active ingredients in aspirin and Metformin, used to treat Type 2 diabetes.

该公司表示,Brightse Bio 01是唯一包含两种化合物的饮食纤维,这些化合物表现出在临床前研究中支持肠道的能力。目前正在进行证明其对人类影响的试验正在进行中。该成分还来自升级的大麻船体,该成分适合越来越多的推动力,可以重复使用原本可以丢弃的食品。

While preclinical studies in laboratory models showing Brightseed’s bioactive supports gut health may be too early to provide a definitive conclusion, it’s promising enough for Puris and potentially others later on to try it.

Brightseed Bio 01 can be easily integrated into cereals, granola, nutrition bars and functional beverages, among other popular items, making it an attractive addition to a slew of products, the company said. It’s also loaded with fiber that further enhances its better-for-you credentials.


“Brightseed Bio 01 not only demonstrates how Forager is rapidly translating insights into tangible products for the marketplace but offers a true evolution in the field of nutrition science to benefit consumer health,” said Alina Slotnik, vice president of bioactives at Brightseed.

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